Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Elusive Feeling of Freedom

I know two things: I crave freedom and I hardly ever experience it.

I'm finding it at Momentum Bikes in Platteville, Wisconsin by rediscovering the wonderful world of bikes.

My first feeling of freedom came when my father let go of the back of my bicycle. You know what I'm talking about - glide, full tilt ahead, no stopping me now.

My second feeling came when I mastered - no hands...

How about you?

Please Post and describe your first feelings of freedom.

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Pedal Pimp said...

Oh you are so right. My first feelings of freedom & pride came from learning to ride a bike. She was a hand me down bike from a cousin. To big for me and in rough shape. I had to tip over a bucket and use it to sit up onto her saddle. There was no parental hand at the back, just Me and my new gal. I had to point her down hill to get her going. After we mastered a few lengths before loosing control, I was soon able to go the length of the drive way. I can still remember it and always will. The feeling that the end of the block was the other end of the earth. And, I did it all on my own. That bicycle was the best. The freedom it gave was a treasure.